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Download administrative processing case last updated changed. Update 4 Mar, 3 PM CST: A user has reported that their case status changed back to ‘Administrative processing’ today after it was showing ‘Refused’ on March 3, His H4 case is pending form g processing at Vancouver Canada.

Form g admin processing means a refusal in legal terms but it is not an actual denial of your visa. Last Updated: March 5, On March 3,the Department of State made an update to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website, our online portal for visa applicants. A visa applicant whose case previously displayed as being in “Administrative Processing” on his or her case status page now displays as being “refused.”.

yes, at the day of interview my case updated to Administrative processing,after two months status changed to Ready, after 2 weeks again back to Administrative processing since now. After interview: AP —>Ready—>AP since now.

The CEAC page shows "Administrative Processing" and last updated date is 25 Jan, 2 days after the interview. Creation date is 22 Jan, VAC date. The ustravel docs support team just asked me to wait.

Can anyone suggest as to the expected timeline. Everything went fine and no further documents were needed, however he did go under administrative processing. I've been checking the case daily on the website and it has updated it's date on the 27th, 28th, then it stopped updating until November 2nd. Then another update date on November 9th and now again the last one being on November. They confirmed that the status text has changed for Administrative processing, but nothing other than that.

If you were given a slip for g or told by Consular Officer that your case will be in administrative processing, then your case will be processed accordingly. Any time somebody makes a change in your case, the date will change. Its a good sign, it means they are actually working on it. It is the embassy making the changes or updates. The embassy is part of the department of state.

I mean do you know cases where the case changed from "Admin processing" to "Refused" and then back to either "admin processing" or "approved". I am freaking out about this as like anyone else I did not expect this.

I work for a huge corporation and this isnt my first H1B stamping. No issues the last time I got this done in canada a few years back. The Issue. The State Department has issued a clarification to recent changes it made to its online portal for visa applicants, the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC). The explanation comes after stakeholders raised concerns that many applications that had previously been identified as being under “administrative processing” were now being listed as “refused.”.

Section (g) simply means that essential information is missing from your visa application and, consequently, the Dept. of State will place your visa application on an “administrative hold.” In regards to your question regarding “the case status. In this case, your application status will show as Administrative Processing even though the visa officer told you VISA APPROVED.

White Form g – Real Life Case. This real-life case happened at the US embassy in New Delhi for an H1B visa interview. This person worked for a direct US employer full time. Hi, I checked my status on CEAC which shows "Administrative Processing" with CASE Creation DATE: DEC 13th and Status Update DATEApr At first they updated the DATE to Aprth and now I see the date changed to Aprth but the status still shows "Administrative Processing".

Processing Time for Administrative Processing. There is no set time limit for the Consulate to resolve the Administrative Processing. Once the Consulate has put the case under Administrative Processing, and after you have submitted the required documentation, the case might go to a central processing center for future checks.

Was the checkbox: “Your application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete.” checked for both of you? Also, you mentioned that your case was updated on Dec Did the status change or is it still in Administrative Processing? Thanks. case creation date mean the day you registered online in this dv program, and case status update is good news, this last update happen every time they open your case for example if you send them an email inquiring about your case and if they check your case in system and reply you the email the case status update will change to that date they replied, otherwise any update mean that they are working on your case.

Last Updated: March 5, A visa applicant whose case previously displayed as being in “Administrative Processing” on his or her case status page now displays as being “refused.” There has been no change in such applicants’ actual cases.

This is an administrative change to more accurately communicate case status to applicants. But, thankfully, I’m here to change that for you! This post will focus mainly on the top 6 reasons for administrative processing and what you can do to overcome this setback. This is absolutely okay! This will not cause your case to be in administrative processing on it’s own.

In such cases, refused visa applications warrant further administrative processing. Upon completion of the case-specific administrative processing, the consular officer might conclude that an applicant is now qualified for the visa for which he or she applied.

Alternatively, the officer may conclude that the applicant remains ineligible for a visa. Just saying the words “administrative processing” puts fear into most immigrants minds. Even though we actually don’t know what the term means or what the process entails, it is still terrifying to have your case put into administrative processing (or better known as AP). The number one question most people ask is “how long will [ ].

Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to know for sure why it is in Administrative Processing status again now except for the consulate/embassy. It could just be another brief issue that came up once the case was ready to be processed, such as an issue with a name that must be further looked into or any past incidents on trips to the US or criminal background. I am in a weird spot. I dropped off my application for H1b renewal in hyderabad based on the interview waiver program on the 9th of January.

on 16th the status in CEAC changed as administrative processing. Now, I wasnt sent an email or a notification or my passport back. My question is - Does thi.

What does refused mean? At the interview we were refused and need a document. We sent the document and the status changed and Case Last Updated Feb. 25 This morning the status was administrative processing. Then some time today it changed to Refused and the date last updated did not change. Does. I received my passport. Just i got an update in CEAC website status on: ISSUED – 11th Dec Issued. Application ID or Case Number: A0***** Case CreatedNovCase Last UpdatedDec --Your visa is in final processing.

If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you. CO handed me the (g) white slip with administration processing required.

Its been more than a month. Only date update on the case was the date updated once on April 03rd, but the status is the same as before the interview “Ready”. No update since then, Not even showing Administrative Processing on CEAC website. G White slip-Case status updated twice. Hi slip G and asked me to email the specified documents to mentioned email address and said you application is put on Administrative check and gave back my passport.

The case last update was changed twice i.e, on 30th April'18 and 03 May'   Any case that is otherwise approvable on its face, but has an open, unresolved issue is referred to administrative processing.

Unresolved issues include security advisory opinions, legal advisory opinions, general advisory opinions, fraud checks, supervisory review, waiting for additional evidence from the applicant, literal processing of the.

On March 3,the Depar tment of State made an update to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website, our online por tal for visa applicants. A visa applicant whose case previously displayed as being in “Administrative Processing” on his or her case status page now displays as being “refused.” There has been no change.

Good. Administrative processing under Section (g) of the INA usually means there is a “name check” issue. Your name and date of birth has triggered a “hit” during the visa application national security screening process. This screening examines. Then she was given g White form and check box clicked on – ‘Your application required additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made’.

But i can see – My case was created on 12th-Dec under Admin Processing, case last updated is 14th Dec, as i attended interview on 14th Dec. The DOS Administrative Processing webpage informs us that “most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days of the visa interview.” In other words, clients whose visa applications are subjected to administrative processing can be advised that their case will likely be resolved within two months of the visa interview.

This revocation process can be rather burdensome and lengthy. The g processing time can take a few months – and in the more unfortunate cases, it can take as much as a few years. In most cases, neither the applicant nor the employer is willing to wait that long. The duration of the administrative processing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case.

Except in cases of emergency travel (i.e. serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in your immediate family), before making inquiries about status of administrative processing, applicants should wait at least days from the date of. Administrative Processing: Check Status. Below are the numbers of applications which required administrative processing and are now ready for visa issuance. If your number does not appear below, your case is still pending administrative processing.

Please do not contact Branch Office Tel Aviv to inquire further. This list is updated daily. 35 aatnfr5 processing completed 36 aatadud processing completed 37 aau3nbv processing completed 38 aayqdev processing completed 39 aaocmf processing completed 40 aav6ar processing completed 41 aao processing completed visa status of administrative processing cases last updated: friday.

However, if the principal is refused – all the derivatives are refused also – even if the embassy fails to update CEAC. “Administrative Processing” This is when someone did not have all the documents at the interview OR some additional checks are needed before the case can be adjudicated.

AP can last a few days or several months. “Administrative Processing” This is when someone did not have all the documents at the interview OR some additional checks are needed before the case can be adjudicated.

AP can last a few days or several months. The status updates during that time are meaningless. Hello All Attended US Visa interview on February 4, and got the good news that my Visa has been approved and walked out. Its Febru and the. Administrative processing is a term used by American Immigration officials to describe a visa application that has been set aside for further review.

Applications in administrative processing “can be delayed for weeks or months” according to Integrity Legal. Administrative Processing; Your visa application case is undergoing administrative processing, which can take several weeks. Follow any instructions that a Consular Officer gives you at the time of your interview.

Once your visa application gets approved, it will be processed and mailed to you within two business days. DOS announced that it has made an update to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website, its online portal for visa applicants. Visa applicants whose case previously displayed as being in “Administrative Processing” on their case. Most of these administrative processes are resolved within 60 days of the interview, but the time may vary depending on the individual circumstances of each case.

If your case is in administrative processing, you can track the status at, the same site where you filled out the application form. After being placed in administrative processing, the applicant will receive a section (g) letter indicating that his case will be put on hold until the applicant’s visa eligibility can be determined.

Generally there are two types of (g) cases: administrative processing cases and post-related cases, in which the consular officer. Stefang31, my status went from Mar 15 w/VLJ, Mar 19 w/VLJ, Mar 23 w/VLJ, Mar 28 Administrative Case Processing.

I called my VSO and she said that they allowed one of my appeals but denied the other. However it doesn't show a percentage or effective date assigned yet. Hope the next step is pending case dispatch to complete.

My appeal staus just changed from claim file with VLJ making a decision to administrative case processing. My appeal is for mulitiple claims denied. I though this was about over but now have gotten another easter egg. HELp>> anybody know just what the heck is going on with my appeal now.

seen this before. going crazy. Applicants are advised of this requirement when they apply. Most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days of the visa interview. When administrative processing is required, the timing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case.

You can. You should receive a decision on your case within the next few weeks. USCIS is dedicated to restoring normal processing times as quickly as possible. J, Update: The Supreme Court’s decision on J, in United States v. Texas does not affect existing policy regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). - Administrative Processing Case Last Updated Changed Free Download © 2017-2021